MVM Modelvormmakerij is onderdeel van MVM Group

About us

MVM Modelvormmakerij BV.

MVM Modelvormmakerij BV is situated in Hengelo, the Netherlands and part of  MVM Group.


The pattern manufacturing company is established to produce foundry moulds across the whole spectrum of the branch. The team consists of experienced  professionals, who work together to build patterns in a mostly conventional way. By using the latest technologies like CAD/CAM milling and 3D printing, MVM is always looking for the most efficient way to get the most appropriate result.


In order to work flexible and to enlarge the capacity, MVM cooperates with a network of suppliers, both in the Netherlands and abroad. As a result, MVM is able to satisfy the wishes of the client. The patterns are always build and delivered according to our stringent requirements.


As an extension from the pattern manufacturing company, MVM uses the FARO Edge ScanArmHD® which is used for several purposes:


  • Scanning our products and deliver a fully developed 3D measurement report
  • Making 3D scans from a prototype in order to detect possible deviations in the product or to seek for improvements


Reverse engineering


As a result of our expertise in the manufacturing industry, we also use the FARO Edge ScanArmHD® for reverse engineering; there is a growing demand from the market for replacement of existing components, without the existence of drawings.

An existing product is scanned with the FARO Edge ScanArmHD®. Subsequently, the product is transferred into an useful 3D-file. The translation from scan to 3D Solid is done by specifically developed software, called ‘GEOMagic’.


MVM Group is able to scan components, transfer them into a file and then to make a new mould. Moreover, the company is able to deliver a complete new product.